Friday, March 04, 2011

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Finally added my portfolio of artwork to my store

Enjoy the vast array of artwork and peruse the gallery in your own leisure, a vast selection of prints and files to suit any budget.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

God she is beautiful!

Well there goes part of my evening for a loop. Just for a kick I typed her name into google and the woman I have dreamed about and thought about finally appeared! Michelle Rawlake Yeah shes married now and likely quite happy and I'm proud of all she has accomplished, but that doesnt mean I have to forget about her. Man she gave me plenty of sleepness nights dreaming of her and wondering what she looked like in the nude. I was so dam shy then but would have done anything to taste her lips and caress her sweet splendor. God she is beautiful! Not just beauty skin deep, but a woman full of life with the kind of laughter that could make anyones heart sing. Oh she could laugh, I have looked high and low for a gal with that kind of sparkle. I'm lucky to have found it once. There she is in all her splendor, my muse, my love never forgotten. The woman who changed my life. I will cherish my memories and thoughts of her forever. I'm not the artist who did these works, I just wish I were the piece of paper. LOL I feel inspired again! Time to get some paintings done! Thank you are amazing!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

rainy saturday with too much coding

Hello Sorsdahl art fans,
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Lean on Me...Church of De...
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Well I dont know how often I'll be posting on here, but people have always said its good to just write as many people are interested in what an artist does. Fact is, most days are just boring like many others. Since the breakup I have had many things that have been neglected and many other things I had wanted to do but never had the time. I have always wanted an ability to Zoom into a painting posted online to be able to "see the detail". The problem is most peoples internet connection isnt good enough to download a large file and I didnt want my auction ads to slow down too much. I had worked on a scaling jpeg and was planning on using that, but even that wasnt perfect. Vendio services had a scaling ability but wanted to charge quite a bit for the flash zoom capability. I must have spent the better part of a week learning code and searching the web before finally stumbling upon a flash zoom program I could use. I'll post a sample of it in one of my other posts. I had to find a better web host to house the larger picture sizes and have spent the past 2 days moving my pictures over and editing my ebay ads. What a pain and a lot of work. The good news is its all done and all my ads have been set to the same standard layout design. In fact while searching for zoom code I managed to find a filmloop that does the same thing as what I used to use for my vendio scrolling list of artwork. Its now placed at the bottom of the blog and my ebay ads. The filmloop doesnt work 100% right now because its reading some links to my art from the "old site". It will likely take a week or so to get refreshed to the new site. I bet a lot of people who even take family photos to post online could use this filmloop. I'm burt out from doing all the coding and there is a painting I'm almost finished which I plan to work on this evening. Its 11:40pm saturday...its likely going to be another late night. LOL Oh the painting listed above "lean on me church" is a wonderful church located right along the riverbank of Saskatoon. At nighttime it always stands out and looks fantastic with clock lit up and the fasll leaves and all. I put it up here so people could buy a print. If you would like to make an offer on the original work, please do so here; Click here to place an offer for the work

Friday, October 06, 2006 is using my artwork to advertise thier business

Hello Sorsdahl art fans, I just got news that has chosen my artwork to use in its ad! Horay! is famous for selling art prints. Before ebay seemed to be the only viable area for selling originals too. Well it seems is building a place to better sell original artwork. They had one before but never promoted it because they didnt make anything off of it. I'm looking forward to selling more "original paintings" through The prints have always sold well, so well that I often wonder why I sell an original painting so cheap. LOL Hopefully the new originals section will help to increase the value of my original art and also gain my me more exposure and customers. Awesome day with this kind of advertising!

Single again.

Hello Sorsdahl art fans, I havent posted on here for a long time. I guess my life took a left turn. Fell into a depression that I couldnt get out of, which isnt really like me. Normally my engineering mathematical brain always tends to solve my problems and help me to "snap" out of depression. Well, this time that didnt work. It seems even though my analytical side of the brain would tell me the right things to do, the reality was I was still depressed. Vicky visited her old flame in utah and thats when it all started. Seems she has never been able to get over him, I sort of know how she feels because I too have never been able to forget about gal in my past who I'll always hold dear to me. One gal hit me harder then any other and would make my heart skip everytime I was around her and that is Michelle Rawlake. If you were to ask me what this Utah man's name is I couldnt even tell you. Anyways, as usual things didnt work out with her and her Utah man so she came back again. This time I said "no way" I'm not going back to face yet another black Christmas which usually happens when the _______ from Utah comes back to visit his parents and starts this all over again. It was tough to do, but I have decided to get "off this ride" thats been making me sick and move on. Seems her depression from losing the Utah man, has made her head out on other dates. Surprisingly she has started dating an english writer after just a few dates. I'm glad for her that she has moved on and is happy again. My former self of a years back would have never put up with such crap. In fact I'm one to usually end things in such a way they know I dont want them calling. Strange thing is I often still care for them I just dont want to start a long term relationship with a gal that wants to keep moving around from guy to guy. Any gal I have dated in the past that broke things off to date someone else I have never taken back, oh and many have tried to come back. With Vicky I broke my rule and took her back. Then she did it again and I took her back again. Then she did it again and I $#%%$#%$# broke things off no matter how much it hurt me.. As for me, the depression was bad here for a few months. Now my life has changed and I have solitude. Its time for me to pick up the slack and start making something of myself again. Hopefully someday true love will find me again, in the meantime I will have to pursue my goals business wise and further develop my creativity. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and my art.
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Saturday, June 17, 2006

My paintings in the movies! Disney here I come! LOL

Hello Sorsdahl art fans, May 30th I was contacted by Disney Studios SALTY PICTURES, INC for the use of one of my paintings as a background in the “HALLOWEENTOWN 4: WITCH U” Our cable television film is the fourth in a series of HALLOWEENTOWN films that are based in a fantasy land call Halloweentown. They are about a place where Halloween is every day, ghost, goblins, warlocks, pumpkinheads, ogres, mummies, etc. are the every day people and they live in a land where they are afraid of real live humans. This story line concerns Marnie Piper, a young witch living in the USA, and her family which have reunited the two worlds. Against her mother’s wishes Marnie attends college at Halloweentown’s Witch U where she hopes to be able to embrace her identity as a witch. College is not what she expected, though--magic is forbidden on campus, her brother Dylan is attending the school, too, and a trio of wicked sisters are making her life miserable. To make matters worse, an ancient prophecy makes Marnie the target of an evil conspiracy and could change the world and her life forever. Marnie has to marshall all her talents and allies to save the day, and in the process she comes to terms with her mother and with who she wants to be. We hope to use “Summer Oasis” Print in head conspirator’s office. Presently there are no dialogue references toward your print and it will be used in the manner for which it is intended.
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Summer Oasis
Red Sorsdahl Phase
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Friday, June 16, 2006

New Sorsdahl Painting: Alpine View Crown Jewel Johnston Canyon, Banff Alberta

Hello Sorsdahl art fans, Here is one of my newest painting called "Alpine View Crown Jewel Johnston Canyon, Banff Alberta", 2006 This painting is based on my recent trip to Banff. I wanted to capture the sheer size of the landscapes while giving it a modern falir. When you walk along the canyon you can see right down to the water flowing below and also can see right up to the top of the mountainside. Because of this I have tried to capture the whole view in the painting, its something that a normal camera cannot catch. I hope you enjoy the work. Click here to buy the original work or place a best offer on it
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

coffee cup art

Here is what the coffee sleeves look like on a coffee cup. The painting on the left is mine. Here is the original painting of which prints are available;

If you would like to own a print of the work here it is;
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Autumn Canadian Maple Sho...
Red Sorsdahl Phase
8x10 Wall P...
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Comissioned Painting: Thick Frost Glow II

This 30x40 painting was comissioned. It was a challenging piece to get broad brushstrokes and a loose flair. While the original work is sold prints are available.
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New Painting: Give Me that Chodachrome Color II

Hello Sorsdahl art fans, Here is one of my newest painting called "Give Me that Chodachrome Color", 2006 This work captures that grey sky you see at the lake on a nice day where most trees and the water give a similar hue but the odd patch of trees just seem to glow amongst the granite rocks. I have done a work similar to this one in the past but requests for this to be printed, made me decide to do a similar work. I hope you enjoy my latest efforts. This work already has a bid and will be selling soon! Click here to place a bid on the painting